Research\ Program lines

Program lines

The Institute conducts research in the fields of social sciences and humanities, especially economics, political science, sociology and other related disciplines. New trends in science encourage interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary projects and therefore, depending on the theme,  research teams sometimes also include environmental scientists, biologists, chemists and mathematicians. At the same time, interdisciplinary projects allow for research topics that cannot be studied exclusively within a single discipline. These are defined in three program lines within the Institute’s Development Strategy:

1) The international political relations and security. Topics developed within this program line consist of assessing the position of Croatia in relation to global and regional political challenges, and the various aspects of national security.

2) International framework for economic development, integration and cooperation. Topics developed within this program line are European integration and regional cooperation initiatives; EU cohesion policy and the environmental aspects of the development of the Republic of Croatia; and the aspects of economic restructuring and competitiveness.

3) Culture, communication and media aspects of international relations. Topics developed within this program line are interrelationships of globalization and local cultural changes but also communication and media features of contemporary social processes.

In terms of research methodology, quantitative methods are used, such as econometrics, quantitative extrapolation and various statistical analyses, as well as qualitative methods, such as interpretive policy analysis, comparative analysis, case studies, analysis of the opinions of selected stakeholders (focus groups), interviews and document analyses.